Carrying Their Light, Every Day

I've known for years that I was meant to work in a service-oriented position. In elementary school I thought that meant being a teacher. In high school, I waffled between psychology and music education. As an undergraduate student, I landed squarely on the side of psychology, in a tiny corner called "counseling". The funny thing … Continue reading Carrying Their Light, Every Day

Seasons and Gods

My gods seem to have an arrangement. In the summer, when the air is thick and humid and the sun is an unforgettable presence in the sky, my Mother comes forward. She teaches me about healing, about mercy, about justice. I feel Her wrap Her arms around me as the heat presses against my skin … Continue reading Seasons and Gods

Top Ten Tunes: #TeamWepwawet

There is an old adage that music is the universal language. Music is so deep a part of the human experience that it affects our brains in a way that no other activity or creative art does. It makes sense, therefore, that music would be such a popular language of expression for the relationships we … Continue reading Top Ten Tunes: #TeamWepwawet

Go Team Wepwawet!

So here's the thing... you know that jackal-headed guy? No, not him -- that's Anubis (or Yinepu, or Anoup, or Anpu, or... you get the idea). This guy! This is Wepwawet. Sometimes you might hear him called Upwawet, or Upwaut, or Upuat, or even just Wpwwt. And he's kind of a big deal. His name … Continue reading Go Team Wepwawet!

Beware the Pigeon-Hole!

I recently had lunch with a handful of friends for the sake of discussing Wepwawet. It felt good to really dig into a conversation about Him with others who were interested in really engaging -- something I've missed. I've held back from writing about all but my most outstanding experiences with Him over the past … Continue reading Beware the Pigeon-Hole!