DIY Wep Ronpet: Epagomenal Days

Em hotep! In preparation for the end of the year (which is barreling towards us faster than a speeding train I might add), I thought I’d post some tips for those who will be celebrating the arrival of Wep Ronpet at home. I thought I’d break this post up in two, for the last two days of the year – convenient, eh?

First up are the Epagomenal Days – or for those of us not fond of tongue-twisters, the Days Upon The Year. For those of you playing along at home, these are the days that take place after the year has ended but before the new year has begun. Mythologically this comes from the story of the birth of the children of Nut, which was not to take place during any day of the year. Djehuty worked his sly magic, won some light from the moon, and poof – five extra days for Her children.

I like to take these days to honor each of Her children, and to reflect on what of each gods domain I need to improve or eliminate from my life. I start the day by lighting a candle to whichever deity is in festival that day, and stay mindful of what message They might have to bring to me.

The first day belongs to Wesir (Osiris). For Him, I light a green candle. I ask His blessing on my relationship with the Akhu. I will reflect on my own relationship with my ancestors, and how I can improve or better it. I will meditate on stability – where it needs to be built and where it needs to be taken away.

The second day belongs to Heru-wer (Horus the Elder). For Him, I light an orange candle. I ask Him to bring me strength and good judgment. I will reflect on where I am in control of my life, and where I am not. I will meditate on strength – where I need to carry more of it, and where I have exercised too much.

The third day belongs to Set. For Him, I light a red candle. I ask Him to keep chaos and disorder out of my life. I will reflect on what has been stagnant in my life, and what has been out of order. I will meditate on change – where I need to make more of it, and what I need to allow to settle.

The fourth day belongs to Aset (Isis). For Her, I light a blue candle. I ask Her to watch over the heka and magic I do. I will reflect on my successes and failures as a magic worker. I will mediate on wisdom – where I have used right judgment, and where I have erred in my decisions.

The fifth day belongs to Nebthet (Nephthys). For Her, I light a purple candle. I thank Her for the blessing of life for another year. I will ask Her to watch over those I love in the West, and to help me be mindful of how blessed I am to be alive. I will meditate on time – how precious it is, and how I can make the most of it.

Each day, I light a candle for each of the days upon the year that has passed. I light one on Wesir’s day, two on Heru-wer’s day – and so on. If you’re interested in celebrating at home, feel free to use my “template” and add to it as you like. 🙂 Tomorrow, I’ll post about Wep Ronpet itself. Enjoy!

Hurting and Healing

It is my experience that any god can heal. We have gods who are affiliated with healing – Sekhmet, Sobek, Khonsu – but I am certain that all of the gods are capable of healing in Their own ways. The question is whether or not we are willing to endure the kinds of healing They offer.

I have asked Set for healing. If you like having your hand cut off to save the rest of your body, or having bandaids ripped off with all your little hairs – Set is great for healing. It was effective, it was quick, it was painful as hell – but in the end, I was more whole. I should say that I was pretty naive at this point – I didn’t have any fear of the gods – so my approach was just a bit poorly thought out – to say the least.

Why do we need healing? What do we need healing from? All the gods want us to be whole. It only makes sense that They would all be capable of guiding us more nearly to that place. I think we sometimes get too caught up in the human need to file our gods into categories, to make sense of why there would be multiple gods rather than one god for everything, and we deny the gods Their individuality, Their personalities, Their ability to self-select what They will and will not do.

Really, I’m just feeling sick and I pray to all the gods because I want at least one of Them to get me better, fast – but it’s good for reflection.

Episode 14: My Gods – Other: the Bawy

We come now to the gods that I have not been divined a child or beloved of, but Who have been darting in and out of my life in a significant fashion for some time.

The Bawy would be the first of these. I was divined in the Kemetic Orthodox year of Montu and the Eye of Ra (Year 14, for anyone counting), but my first Wep Ronpet as a Shemsu was celebrated in the year of the Bawy, of Heru-wer and Set as One. My gods, what a year that was. Heru-wer and Set are both catalysts of change in specific ways – and that can be painful and disturbing and awful at times.

Heru-wer was my first encounter with the Bawy, as a lewd, brusque force in my life. He offered me healing, in His way, but I was perhaps a little naive, and thought Him gentler than He is. So I was put off by Him. I can’t say that I have gotten to know Him much better since then; I have prayed to Him to mete out justice, and to grant me strength, good judgment and good character, but I really haven’t interacted with Him in any more relationship-building ways.

I have prayed to Set to help me change my life, from advice from my Akhu, and spent hours in tears, feeling like I was being torn to shreds in the process. For years after I was terrified of Him. I would not pray to Him, I avoided anything to do with Him. His was a force that would drown me in its wake, a power that would crush me if I got too close. No, thank you, I’ll stay over here, uncrushed and unbroken. Such avoidance is rarely healthy, however, and not long after deciding I would never ever speak to Him again, some of my fellow Shemsu in my geographic area decided to hold a feast in His honor, and so we did, and I was brought face to face with the Lord of Storms. I prayed for help overcoming my fear of Him, and I can confidently say that I am more comfortable with Him than I have been in the past (though He still scares the s*** out of me, on my best day).

Perhaps I should also note that my boyfriend’s first beloved is none other than the Red Lord Himself? Either way, for those of you who can stomach hardcore/metal, here is a song that I associate very strongly with Set, by a band that I also associate very strongly with Him. I had the opportunity to see them play this live, and being in that crowd at that moment was an absolutely religious experience. Say what you will, I believe God listens to metal. Atreyu – Gallows