The more things change…

"Sage Advice" by Randy Helnitz is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

I am no longer serving as a w'ab priest in Kemetic Orthodoxy. I made the decision to end my service after reflecting on the changes that are coming up for me in my secular life. My career is shifting, my academic pursuits are reaching culmination, my married life still needs my attention. (Let me make … Continue reading The more things change…

W’ab Wednesday: Ritual purity or ridiculous purity?

AKA "Yes, Netjer wants you to wear deodorant." When I first became Kemetic, I was obsessed with ritual purity. I was dedicated to being as ritually pure in all things as possible. I was more than a little misguided. I read somewhere that the processed chemicals present in my body washes and shampoos were technically … Continue reading W’ab Wednesday: Ritual purity or ridiculous purity?

W’ab Wednesday: Purity, not Perfection.

However wonderful alliteration may be, it does not connect words any deeper than in sound. Purity is a state of cleanliness, and perfection is a state of being without flaw. Something that is clean may not be without flaws, and something flawless can be dirty. It's true that sometimes "purity" can refer to a way … Continue reading W’ab Wednesday: Purity, not Perfection.