It dawns on me that I haven’t spent formal time in my own shrine since October. The storm took so much from me and my family; the fallout extends far beyond just damages to the structure we inhabit. We fight every day to gain the right to repair and rebuild the house. We fight every day to prove we deserve our insurance money, that we aren’t committing fraud.

The storm has given me a few things, too, though I am still sorting out what they are. Endurance, I think, and sturdiness. It is not lost on me that, following Ptah’s year, the literal foundation of my home was ripped away and needs to be raised and repaired.

I see the hands of many gods in my life these days, but I can’t seem to bring myself to reach out and touch Them.

Year 19: the Year of Ptah, the Builder.

from Wikipedia.

“Words are the bricks and stones of your heart and tongue. Through heart and through tongue, stones rise, brick upon brick, higher and higher, stronger and stronger. Through heart and through tongue, you build – and life becomes.”

From the year 19 Oracle given by Aset for the people of Kemetic Orthodoxy.

What are your goals for this year? What will you build? What tools do you need to build it? May the Great Builder bless us with creativity and strength to move our bricks and build great things.

Home again.

Yesterday we celebrated the Day of Wetting the Head before Netjer with a series of wonderfully effective herbal baths, followed by lunch. Then my least favorite part – saying goodbye, and coming home.

It’s hard for me to leave Retreat. There are so many things floating around my head from discussions an experiences during the week. There’s a zone of comfort being surrounded by people who really get what we do, and leaving that can be unsettling. I have come away this year with work to do, as with any Retreat. Good work, it seems – the overwhelming message this year was that me personally, and the House of Netjer as a whole, will have a better year.

I have more to share, of course. As things process and coalesce into coherency I will post them. It will be a very beautiful year. 🙂

Community Heka In Progress…

Here is a snapshot of something awesome in progress – my workshop slowly pulling together! I am so amazed at the wonderful things everyone has done. We just wrapped up the Sekhmet Healing ceremony. There are no words for seeing Her. Ptah came with a message for us all as well – a blessing I did not expect!

Tomorrow is Weshem-ib. Then, we name the Shemsu – Dua Netjer! Dua Sekhmet! Dua Ptah! Nekhtet!