Year 19: the Year of Ptah, the Builder.

"Words are the bricks and stones of your heart and tongue. Through heart and through tongue, stones rise, brick upon brick, higher and higher, stronger and stronger. Through heart and through tongue, you build – and life becomes." From the year 19 Oracle given by Aset for the people of Kemetic Orthodoxy. What are your … Continue reading Year 19: the Year of Ptah, the Builder.

Home again.

Yesterday we celebrated the Day of Wetting the Head before Netjer with a series of wonderfully effective herbal baths, followed by lunch. Then my least favorite part - saying goodbye, and coming home. It's hard for me to leave Retreat. There are so many things floating around my head from discussions an experiences during the … Continue reading Home again.

Morning Senut on Set’s Day

This morning we kicked off Retreat with Senut to Ptah, the god over Year 19. A beautiful meditation, followed by good discussion about the Senut rite and the year to come. Now it is time for lunch, with workshops and amulet-making later. Three candles are lit, for the three epagomenal days that have passed: Wesir, … Continue reading Morning Senut on Set’s Day