Ways to Honor Wepwawet

When to honor Wepwawet:

  • Ask Him to open the Way to new opportunities when you are seeking a job or place to live.
  • Carry a token of His with you when you need luck – in a casino or while playing games of chance.
  • Offer to Him to open the way for words and creativity when you are facing writer’s (or artist’s) block.
  • Pray for His blessings on your travels when you have a journey to make.
  • Go to Him to facilitate communication between you and someone you have difficulty speaking with.
  • Ask Him to shut out harmful influences from your life.
  • Pray to Him before other gods or spirits to open the way between the Seen and Unseen for clearer messages.
  • Offer to Him before divining to open the way for divinatory answers from the Unseen.

How to approach Wepwawet: Light a candle and some strong incense (cedarwood, patchouli, musk, amber). Present your offerings – simple ones are fine – and pray in your own words, from the heart. Divine for His message for you if you wish. Keep your eyes open for His presence in your life afterwards, as He will often make Himself known through chance or coincidence.