The Mysteries Have Begun

Later today, I will be honoring Wesir's Mysteries with several Shemsu and Remetj from the northeastern US, with dinner and ceremonies to celebrate Him. In the meantime, here are some thoughts from other people about Wesir and His mysteries: Raheriwesir, a w'ab priest of Wesir in Kemetic Orthodoxy, has been writing about the Mysteries day … Continue reading The Mysteries Have Begun

Episode 7: Seasons and Holidays; the Kemetic Calendar

I celebrate the seasons of the year according to the festival calendar researched and compiled by Rev. Tamara Siuda - so the dates of my calendar are aligned according to the astronomical events relevant in Kemetic Orthodoxy. Other dates for similar festivals might differ! The year, for me, begins in August, with the festival of … Continue reading Episode 7: Seasons and Holidays; the Kemetic Calendar