Retreat Report: Set’s Day

Yesterday afternoon we enjoyed a lecture on lesser known gods from Daryt, Tanebet and Kai-Imakhu Sedjemes, followed by the daunting task of making amulets to ward against the dangers of the year. After amulet-making I was very worn out - I feel like I snoozed through dinner. We wrapped up the night with prayers and … Continue reading Retreat Report: Set’s Day

Episode 6: Heka, Magic and Personal Power

Personal power takes many forms. I've traditionally thought of power as "the ability to make things happen by Unseen means", but I think that's kind of a mistake, after some time spent reflecting on Heka as "authoritative utterance". Heka is magic, of many kinds, but the word carries the connotation not just of sympathetic magic … Continue reading Episode 6: Heka, Magic and Personal Power