Morning Senut on Set’s Day

This morning we kicked off Retreat with Senut to Ptah, the god over Year 19. A beautiful meditation, followed by good discussion about the Senut rite and the year to come. Now it is time for lunch, with workshops and amulet-making later. Three candles are lit, for the three epagomenal days that have passed: Wesir, Heru-wer and Set, Whose birthday is today. More to come later, I hope – Dua Ptah! Nekhtet!

Retreat Report: Heru’s Day

The activities of Heru’s day have just wrapped up. The priesthood was hard at work today, discussing the finer points of our job and the depth behind our rites. It left me feeling pretty worn out, I must say! We finished the evening with a meal together, and now I am headed for some low key fellowship with other Shemsu. I hope you are all having good celebrations in your homes, and I look forward to what the rest of the week has to bring!