Audiobook thoughts!

Random thought for the day: I seriously cannot recommend Red Land, Black Land by Barbara Mertz strongly enough. I have both the print and audiobook versions of this book. The audiobook is absolutely delightful. Mertz’s conversational tone lends itself extremely well to being read out loud. Temples, Tombs, and Heiroglyphs is equally as interesting to listen to. I love audiobooks for their usefulness on my long commutes, and being able to listen to Kemetic history as an audiobook is probably the best way to spend a long drive. I welcome any other suggestions for listening!

42 Negative Confessions: Sticking to the Original.

I set out to write a set of Negative Confessions for myself – a set of declarations that embodied the morals I felt were important to me. I got up to about 15 of them before I stopped and realized that I was rewriting the more commonly recognized 42 Negative Confessions almost entirely on the same subjects.

My original decision came from the fact that I never intend to murder anyone, and the rules that I struggle with tend to be more socially or internally focused – rather than anything so grim as murder or theft. But still – within the original confessions, there are such beautiful statements as “I do not dislike myself”; or the lovely “I do not eat my heart”, which is considered a euphemism for “I do not berate myself or put myself down”.

So I’m setting that goal aside for now. I find this sort of ironic, because there was a point just before I became a w’ab priest where I was studying the confessions daily. Now that it’s been a few years, I suppose it’s time to revisit them. A fellow priest, Imy-set’a Raheri, has some beautiful meditations written about the purifications, available to read on one of the House of Netjer public forums. He has some really great things to say about making the confessions relevant to modern life – I highly recommend reading them. 🙂