I’m SO excited, I found a white linen dress at the mall today, and it fits and it’s lovely… and then I noticed they also had it in RED! So now I have one for my Mother’s work, and for ritual work.

The best part? They were both on sale for like 60% off!

Happy (secular) New Year

I don’t know where to start. That’s my least favorite part of picking blogging back up after a long hiatus — I have no idea what to say.

I’m married now, though, so that’s awesome. Most of my lack of concentration lately has come from the fact that wedding planning is incredibly distracting and all encompassing. I never imagined how much time it would suck up, but I withdrew from nearly everything other than WEDDING.

It’s done now, though, so I can once again think about the gods and stuff. I hope. If I can ever finish all the laundry that piled up during the month of the wedding.

Audiobook thoughts!

Random thought for the day: I seriously cannot recommend Red Land, Black Land by Barbara Mertz strongly enough. I have both the print and audiobook versions of this book. The audiobook is absolutely delightful. Mertz’s conversational tone lends itself extremely well to being read out loud. Temples, Tombs, and Heiroglyphs is equally as interesting to listen to. I love audiobooks for their usefulness on my long commutes, and being able to listen to Kemetic history as an audiobook is probably the best way to spend a long drive. I welcome any other suggestions for listening!