Shrine-Building in Four Easy Steps

Shrines are funny. Sometimes they are carefully engineered, with an esoteric architecture that speaks to the builder's private relationship with the divine-- and sometimes, they crop up out of nowhere, clusters of devotional objects gathering with a curious gravitational pull to any flat surface that has open space. Today's Roundtable post is about the former: … Continue reading Shrine-Building in Four Easy Steps

Because I’m Kemetic… (Kemetic Roundtable)

How does being a Kemetic affect your daily life? Does it? Do you do things differently than you used to because of your faith/religion? The short answer to this question is a resounding YES. There is very little of my life that has not changed radically since I began my Kemetic practices. I've written about this … Continue reading Because I’m Kemetic… (Kemetic Roundtable)

Kemetic Roundtable – Patron Deities (or, “Are You My Mummy?”)

The concept of a "patron" deity, or a main deity, or a "Parent" deity comes up a lot in Kemetic practices. Heck, it comes up often in any pagan/polytheist practice. Look at any online meeting place for polytheists, and you'll find a number of people introducing themselves not only by their path, but also by … Continue reading Kemetic Roundtable – Patron Deities (or, “Are You My Mummy?”)

Kemetic Roundtable – “Fallow Time”

Apologies for a belated post - though ironic for the subject of this particular topic! "Fallow Time" refers to those periods when we are not being fruitful with our religious or spiritual lives; when we feel disconnected or separated from the gods. It is an incredibly broad term, I think, because it encompasses so many … Continue reading Kemetic Roundtable – “Fallow Time”

Kemetic Roundtable: Ritual Purity.

This is a contribution to the Kemetic Round Table's discussion on Ritual Purity. For more information on this new project, go here! As a Kemetic Orthodox priest of purity (a W'ab priest), it would be easy for some to assume that since I work with purifications and purity, I therefore have an objective scale of … Continue reading Kemetic Roundtable: Ritual Purity.