Music Monday: January 12th (Red Week Special Edition)

Atreyu - Honor (Metal/Hardcore) This has always been one of my go-to tracks for thinking about Set. Not only does it have the kind of endless, driving intensity that I associate with Him, but it speaks of fighting the darkness at dawn -- which is kind of His thing. Thanks for killing the darkness, Sir. … Continue reading Music Monday: January 12th (Red Week Special Edition)

Back from Retreat

Once again, I return from the annual Kemetic Orthodox Wep Ronpet Retreat full of energy and things to write about. I am hoping to dedicate more time to solid blogging this year, but I'll be honest -- with my final year of academic work towards my Masters, a wedding, a full-time job, and actual ritual … Continue reading Back from Retreat

Heru’s Story and Me (Or You)

Horus, son of Isis

According to the Kemetic Orthodox practice of determining a guardian deity over each year, this year belongs to Heru-sa-Aset the king (Horus, son of Isis, as the king and not the child). The Oracle of the year speaks of victory, of success, of conquering one's trials. I never made much of a connection with Heru-sa-Aset. … Continue reading Heru’s Story and Me (Or You)