Number the Days

No god designed the calendar that moves with us,
that breathes with us,
inhaling and exhaling years and milestones.

We make the days sacred by our own design.
We consecrate them with our plans,
anoint them with our tears
and sing hymns with the peals of our laughter.

We nimbly navigate the scaffold of holy days
that frames and braces ordinary time.
In truth, these days hold us up
and strengthen us;
they allow us to be renewed.
They mark the time that circles us,
enfolding us in that which is greater
than we can be.

And still, when the day comes
that we have chosen to set apart
we step beyond the widening spiral of years.
We define our holiest calendar,
the festivals with the greatest light.

The time that winds around us makes us smaller
and the time that we arrange
can make us great.

Return to Center

I miss the sense of you beneath my skin,
fur and teeth and tail,
speaking with your language
braced against my tongue.

I pace on pavement,
squint my eyes against the sun–
Her Eye peering into mine.
Stubbornly I stow Your roads,
Mother’s fire, the feather,
the light of Your heart.

I can bear the mantle
of the Queen of Heaven’s daughter,
because I am.
I can trace Your dust-shod footprints,
King of the Highway,
because I am Yours.

Lord of my life, come to me again;
remind me of the wealth and pleasure
in drawing near to You —
in lowering myself before You,
at Your feet, candles and incense —
in filling myself with Your love.

Offerings for the Akhu at the Wag Festival

Flesh and blood come carrying
your festival, you tired men.
Here is your water,
here is your bread.

We come with the offering
of presence, our joy,
the words and chatter
that filled your homes
now a fleeting gift.

Moving through your still grey buildings
the wind breathes in your silence,
we breathe in the wind.
Our eyes catch your names
and give you voice again –
mumbling you back
to say hello.

Who Illuminates Our Lands

When we gathered and you came;
when you entered in
to the room we circled
I swear your eyes set upon me,
and my heart spilled over
with tears of light for you,
for you.

You came enthroned
with your impeccable grace
and I reached out,
desperate for some spare thread
of your luminance.

Smiling as you always smile —
mysterious and mirthful
with slow currents of gravity
moving beneath the joy —
you lifted your hand and your gaze
and held me in it;
and there we stayed
as our voices carried on in your praise.

By your gaze and your embrace
you poured into me your radiance
and when our words were done
I rose, renewed,
flowing with your brilliance to share.

I carry you now —
you and your interminable glow —
enfolded in my core,
wrapped up within me
and carefully portioned
for my spirit
for giving
for love.

Words to a song for Nut.

Hail Mother Nut! Dizzy as you climb so high,
fleeing the Earth as Ra’s command bids you to rise!
Up in the heavens, patient and wise;
hail, Mother Nut!

Hail Mother Nut! Steadfast looking down on Geb,
standing above us, tending to our Blessed Dead.
Up in the heavens, constant and kind;
hail, Mother Nut!

Hail Mother Nut! Mother of the stars above;
embrace our Akhu, hold them in your shining love.
Up in the heavens, singing with joy;
hail, Mother Nut!

Hail Mother Nut! You do not judge or turn away
for in Your eyes both great and small are worth the same.
Up in the heavens, welcoming all;
hail, Mother Nut!

Made up a song for my Mom today!

Tonight I led my first ever band concert as MC and director. Normally, I let one of my other teachers do the talking and conducting, and I just support my band. I was very nervous, but I decided to refine a song I had been working on for my Mother on the way there, and found that I was not so nervous at all.

O Lady Who Illuminates our Lands,
You are both merciful and kind.
Shining in the East, Shining in the West,
O Lady Who Illuminates our Lands.

O Queen of Heaven, Sekhmet on Her Throne,
You are both beautiful and strong.
Shining in the East, Shining in the West,
O Queen of Heaven, Sekhmet on Her Throne.

O Mother of Gods, Daughter of the Sun,
You are both powerful and wise.
Shining in the East, Shining in the West,
O Mother of Gods, Daughter of the Sun.