A Prayer. 

A prayer I wrote to my gods recently, as I commuted to my internship site. Feel free to adapt for your own use with your own gods and ancestors.  O Father mine, unlock the doors of my heart and mind that I may walk fully with others. O Mother mine, place your fire in my … Continue reading A Prayer. 

Day Ten: Soul

I honestly have no idea what to write for this topic. Souls are not something I think about often. I know that my Unseen essence - the part of me that enlivens me, gives me a sacred element - belongs to my two gods. And that’s about all the thought I have on the matter.

Day Nine: Faith

noun: faith /fāTH/ complete trust or confidence in someone or something: “this restores one's faith in politicians" strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof. "she gave her life for her faith" a system of religious belief. plural noun: faiths "the Christian faith" a strongly … Continue reading Day Nine: Faith

Day Eight: Hope

I hoped that I would find my place. I hoped that I would be good enough for Her. I hoped that He would be with me forever. I hoped that I could live up to the name They called me. I hoped that I would be worthy of the Ordeal. I hoped that I could … Continue reading Day Eight: Hope

Day Seven: Dark

Writing about the darkness in my gods feels awfully presumptuous. Who am I to say that I can access the darkest parts of my gods? They’re deities and I’m a human; even when They show me Their shadows, I honor those alongside the light, because there’s something sacred in that darkness, too. I have made … Continue reading Day Seven: Dark

Day Six: Light.

You have always worn this light: light which burns, which heals by cauterizing– cold light that washes faces, purifies hands. This light that comes forth from Your eyes Your hands Your tongue– it seizes up when it enters our skin, passing through our pores, thickens in our blood and our love is crystallized. Our lungs … Continue reading Day Six: Light.

A Month of Devotional Writing: Days Four & Five

Day Four: Beginnings My first experiences with my gods: He is there in the darkness, waiting for me to come. I come with my eyes closed, breathing slow and measured, in stillness and silence. I come staring into the center of myself, waiting for myself to expand outward--and He is there. His eyes drive mine … Continue reading A Month of Devotional Writing: Days Four & Five