Episodes 29: My spiritual advantages.

Last episode was about what blocks me from being completely effective in my spiritual life. As with anything, everyone has their strengths and their weaknesses. In my life, I think my greatest advantage is my persistence. It is persistence that keeps me in shrine whenever I am able. It is persistence that gets me back … Continue reading Episodes 29: My spiritual advantages.

Episode 28: My Spiritual Obstacles.

What stands in my way of being the "perfect" Shemsu - of being the "perfect" priest - of being the "perfect" devotee? Probably that p-word right there. Since I was in middle school, I have been striving for an ideal of perfection that probably doesn't exist. I have this persistent need to improve, to do … Continue reading Episode 28: My Spiritual Obstacles.

Episode 25: Other Paths I Have Explored

I have to admit, my story of spiritual wandering reads more like a sprint than a wander. I have been blessed enough to have found a home base at a young age, after only a few years of poking around the pagan community. Even after my introduction to Kemetic Orthodoxy, I've still nosed curiously at … Continue reading Episode 25: Other Paths I Have Explored

Episode 24: Reconstructionism vs. Revivalism vs. ???

This topic seemed more pressing when I initially dreamt up my list of 30 posts. I don't really feel the need to pin down myself as being reconstructionist or revivalist or anything in particular anymore. If you asked me now, I'd say I'm a modern pluralist semi-solid polytheist who is devoted to the ancient Egyptian … Continue reading Episode 24: Reconstructionism vs. Revivalism vs. ???