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Image courtesy of lavenderbiscuits on Tumblr.
image courtesy of lavenderbiscuits.

Wepwawet is one of the first deities I “met” in the Kemetic pantheon, and He remains the most present in my life. His name is most often spelled as above, but variations include Apuat, Upwawet, Upuaut, Ophios, or simply a transliterated wpwwt/wpwt. He is depicted as a jackal-headed man, or in full jackal form. His name translates to “Opener of the Ways”, which describes his function in various settings: His standards were carried before processionals in festivals, and before the first ranks of the infantry in military settings. He was given the role of performing the Opening of the Mouth on deceased, protecting the King in the afterlife, defending the Two Lands, and legitimizing the king’s status.

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My perceptions and experiences: Wepwawet is many-faceted. Because He was honored across such a span of history, His roles vary. He has been known as a guide of the dead, Opener of Ways in all senses, protector of the military, and more. I have seen Him in many different roles, I believe; His “personality” has varied from one situation to another. He can be gruff or gentle, direct or indirect, stern or quick to forgive — all depending on His role.

My key words:

  • New opportunities
  • Roads, paths, highways
  • Good luck, better chances
  • The opening of doors and gates
  • Locks and keys
  • Travel
  • Ancestry; lineage and nobility
  • Spiritual or Unseen journeys
  • The gates between the Seen and Unseen worlds
  • Hidden knowledge, secrets
  • Psychology and the workings of the human subconscious
  • Guide of the dead and the not-yet-born; psychopomp
  • Wisdom, cunning, slyness
  • Animals: Coyote, jackal, fox, wolf
  • Colors: Purple, grey, brown, silver, burgundy, gold

If you want to get to know Wepwawet:

Wepwawet can take many different forms. He tends to be less formal and easily approachable. Many consider Him to be casual and somewhat comical. However, if He should become a part of your life long-term, He may become demanding and strict. He expects His followers to be attentive and expend effort on His challenges. Approaching Him may be as simple as making a small offering and saying a simple prayer. He does not usually demand formality.

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