about nekhen ib imau-sen


Nekhen Ib Imau-sen is a Kemetic Orthodox State shrine maintained in service to Wepwawet and Sekhmet-Mut, which embodies the light that is the presence of Netjer, and its effect in the Seen world – especially healing, purification, creation, and power.

Wepwawet of Nekhen Ib Imau-sen is connected to royalty, ambition, creation, and the ancestors. He also has the same role as Wepwawet traditionally does as Opener of Ways.

Sekhmet-Mut of Nekhen Ib Imau-sen is primarily focused on justice, enforcing ma’at, mercy, and purification. She also has many of the same roles as Sekhmet, though with less focus on physical healing and more on emotional healing.

If you have a prayer request for the gods of Nekhen Ib Imau-sen, I am happy to accept them via the form below.