Dua Nebt-het!

There’s a new deity on my shrine as of Tuesday: Nebt-het, the sister of Aset and mother of Yinepu, one of the mourning women of Wesir, comforter of the dead and the mourning.

She has been an incredible teacher in my life as I learn to sit with the deep pain and trauma many clients carry with them, and I feel honored that She offered to become a permanent presence in my life. Dua Nebt-het!

One thought on “Dua Nebt-het!

  1. I like to think knowing me helped encourage this the same way that knowing you encouraged me to ask Wepwawet’s help on the roads 🙂 She’s a wonderful resource and you’ll use her energy well. She isn’t such an active player in my spiritual life lately, but when I needed her in addition to grief she was also very good at measuring out how much traumatic memory comes to the surface, as the lady of oblivion (I don’t know if that’s a historic epitaph but it’s one I use anyway,) she is very good at compassionately screening what remains “in the dark” until when.

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