Happy Year 23: Another Year of Heru

Another year of Heru-sa-Aset. It’s going to be a very different year for me. I’ve established this already, by withdrawing from priest service until my degree is finished, but the overall theme I received from my gods during the new year’s celebrations is that I need to change. Things need to change. I am too divided and overworked and I am not better for it. I will need to prioritize and choose my path carefully, and let things that do not serve me go.

I’ve decided to let my Tumblr presence go for now, to that end. I have nothing against the site but it is a huge time sink, and I don’t have time to spare right now. I don’t plan on deleting my account but I did uninstall the app from my phone. I may still post but it will likely be sporadic, and I don’t expect to engage much.

This year my focus will be inward, on growing my own relationship with my Parents and Beloveds, and on living my religion more authentically. On keeping ma’at in my heart at all times. I cannot bring Her to the people until I have brought Her back into my life again. Once I have achieved that, then I will return to the work of my gods as Their priest, and will return to giving of myself to my community. Perhaps then I will go back to the larger inter-Kemetic community, perhaps not. I will try to write about it here, but even this blog might go dark while I listen carefully to my gods. There is too much at stake not to focus this year.

Dua Heru-sa-Aset! Nekhtet!

4 thoughts on “Happy Year 23: Another Year of Heru

  1. Happy Wep Ronpet.

    I too have had to back away from online stuff as I focus my own practice (which largely manifests through creating art about Netjer).

    As much as the internet is a blessing, it has also become a distraction away from what I need to do most. Like you, I don’t consider it a “forever away” but certainly a recess.

  2. That pruning is a part of aging, and there’s never any real going back, but the truth is you don’t miss it, internet shenanigans are unique to a time and place in life and once that time and place shifts you’re a lot less inclined anyway.

    For myself, I took the message about foundations to mean that after my year in Kemetic Orthodoxy and acclimatizing to Kemetic history and thought, it’s up to me what I want to build from here on in. And as much like punishment for just being frank as it feels like to be “suggested” to leave, Taji did have a point, too many things in K.O. make me combative which has detracted from what I’m able to draw from Kemetic faith. I don’t know how much or what I’m going to be able to draw from it without a community structure either, but. Townhomes & gated communities have associations governing construction, private land owners only have optional conventions, but both can commiserate with the universal order of permits.

    In the meantime, I am probably the only person left that occassionally checks in at the Kemetic Interfaith Network forum still, and hearing Khenne talk about her Kemetic but non-K.O. roommate while we were in NYC gave me perspective and inspiration. Whenever and if ever you have the stability and gumption to return to interfaith work, there’s a market for it locally, no Tumblr necessary 😉


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