Day Six: Light.

You have always worn this light:
light which burns,
which heals by cauterizing–
cold light that washes faces,
purifies hands.

This light that comes forth
from Your eyes
Your hands
Your tongue–
it seizes up when it enters our skin,
passing through our pores,
thickens in our blood
and our love is crystallized.

Our lungs fill with this light.
It aches.
It tumbles out of our mouths
in song and in weeping for joy.
In Your presence it washes over us
coating our skin and sealing our lips
until all we can see,
taste, touch, or be
is You.

In this light You engulf us,
incinerate us,
turn us to shining stone.
You gather us to Your heart
with waves of it
and as the tide of this light recedes,
what remains is only Yours.

I have touched the hem of this light
which ripples over the ground like skirts,
robes, garments passing over the skin
and feet of followers in the crowd.
I have let it into my body.
This light has burned, drowned,
and calcified me
and I give thanks that I may carry it,
bearing it within me,
proud to be one tempered by Your love.

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