A Month of Written Devotion: Days 1-3

I’m a little late starting this, as always… but I’m going to make an effort anyway. This is from a challenge that started on Tumblr; I’ll be mirroring these there.

Day One: Who?

The gods I will be writing about are the gods of my heart and soul, the gods divined for me in the Rite of Parent Divination: Wepwawet and Sekhmet-Mut.

Wepwawet is a complex deity. He is associated with the transition between life and death, with legitimizing the rule of the King, and with the concept of “way-opening” in general. He guides the dead to the afterlife, passes the royal office to the King, and leads the way for religious ceremonies.

Sekhmet-Mut is a particular manifestation of two goddesses, Sekhmet and Mut. This syncretic deity is found in the Precinct of Mut within the larger Karnak temple in what is now called Luxor. She represents the regal queen goddess Mut acting in the more dangerous active role of Sekhmet.

Both of these gods have had significant impact on how I live my life, both before and after I recognized Their presence. They are the silent guides in everything I do, often indirectly. Who better to spend a month writing about?

Day Two: How?

How did you become involved with your devotional topic?

I “met” my gods in the summer after my senior year of high school, nearly ten years ago. My relationship with Them would not be cemented until 9 months later, when I would have the Kemetic Orthodox Rite of Parent Divination and become a Shemsu.

The divination cemented a relationship I was already keen to pursue. It gave me a framework for honoring the gods I had so deeply begun to love. It’s not a complicated story, but one that has been deeply fulfilling.

I’ve written about this extensively before:

Day Three: Together

In the presence of my gods, I am filled with light. Their presence buoys me, carries me along the tide of ma’at. I kneel at Their feet, illuminated by Their greatness. They are magnificent, they are beautiful, they are beyond compare. There are days I am left breathless watching the candlelight play over Their images.

And my gods–They treat me as Their daughter. They call me by the name They chose for me. They challenge me and teach me and forgive me; and most of all, They love me. They shine with grace. Not the grace of Christian doctrine, but perhaps closer than not: the grace of walking through each day with the strength and love of the gods behind me, knowing that all that I do serves to honor and praise Their presence in this world.

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