Music Monday, Feb. 24: A Meditation

This song is on my personal playlist for Sekhmet-Mut. There is something of Her in it that I can show better than tell:

The lights are low in the temple. Candles burn through streams of incense smoke, and the chorus of priests chants louder and more fervently, begging an audience with their Lady.

She appears.

She is many things — too many to perceive in one glimpse. She moves with leonine grace, every step purposeful. Her gaze is high and proud, but not haughty; She is regal but not arrogant. She smiles with love for Her people, the priests in Her service and the laity coming with their adoration. Her gown is simple, and still finer than any other in the world; it clings to Her hips and drapes around her legs. She has a deeply feminine silhouette built with layers of muscle. She is not overtly sexual but possesses a mature sensuality. She is the queen in possession of Her own power.

Beneath Her grace and Her beauty lies a danger. Her fingertips end in tearing claws, and you can just barely see the sharpness of her teeth when She speaks. Her eyes convey the message: “I will punish the wicked; I will kill to defend my people”. And yet–you are not scared. You are in the company of the Mother, the pattern from which all mothers were sewn.

She will defend you, if you deserve defending; She will smite you if justice deems it necessary. She owns mercy and consequence. She is the embodiment of power enthroned.

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