Fear, moving, and stability – where I am today.

I’ll be honest – my life has been pretty great lately. I’m engaged, I just moved in with my fiancé, I’ve got a good job, good friends who live even closer now, and I’m in a great Masters program pursuing my dream degree.

Unfortunately, all that doesn’t necessarily add up to a fulfilling spiritual life. I dipped into a desperate existential terror just before I got engaged, and I still struggle with mortality and the inevitability of my own death.

This past weekend I was able to spend some time with my local Kemetic Orthodox community, in honor of Nebthet. In Her presence and the presence of our ancestors, I felt deeply comforted. Her words to me touched that fear – and while they couldn’t dismiss it, they lessened it enough that I feel renewed pull toward my shrine and my priestly duties – which were greatly lessened during my move last month and the crisis of the summer.

Of course, this has largely coincided with a purity issue keeping me out of shrine – but such is life. I will keep the faith and keep moving.

Nebthet on Her altar

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