Where did Sobeq go?

I… seem to have disappeared temporarily. Now that we’re about to head into the epagomenal days of year 20, I am slowly dipping my toes back into the blog-water. I had a veritable whirlwind of mundane life stuff that completely caught me up — coupled with a crippling crisis of faith that left me barely able to function, thanks to the severe anxiety it brought with it. I’ve never known anxiety that debilitating until then – I’d gotten it badly, but this was the first time I’d ever made it to “physically incabable of eating or leaving my bed” levels. Needless to say, there wasn’t much Sobeq to go around for those three weeks.

I did recently make the hard decision to scale back my priestly work to part-time long-term. Following Hurricane/”Superstorm” Sandy, it’s taken me a lot more time to get back to normal than I’d hoped. This is partly because our house is STILL not finished courtesy of incompetent contractors, and partly because of the aforementioned whirlwind of real life stuff. I’m moving out of my parents’ house very soon, for the first time since I moved into college. This time it’s for keeps though, with my fiancé.

Er – that’s rather new, too. In my absence, I got engaged! I said yes, of course, to a long time friend of mine (and comparatively short-time romantic partner, but hey, I don’t care). Then I was dunked headfirst into the strange and totally incomprehensible world of wedding planning. I have wisely assembled a shrine for the three goddesses who “volunteered” to involve Themselves in my planning process: Aset, Hethert, and Bast. More on Them in a separate post.

On the whole, I am feeling much recovered from my anxiety and crisis of faith. I still feel a jolt of oncoming terror now and then, but I am able to keep the levels low, thank goodness. My engagement is likely to come up again. I can only hope that in between all of my mundane, secular responsibilities, I’ll be able to ramp up my blogging attentions too. I miss it.

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