Ways to Honor Sekhmet-Who-Is-Mut

Because She is a syncretic deity, Sekhmet-Mut can be a difficult deity to work with “cold” (that is, with no prior introduction). In my case, I hadn’t even considered Her as a deity to honor until my Rite of Parent Divination; prior to that, I prayed to straight-up, original-flavor Sekhmet. When She came to me in my RPD as Sekhmet-Mut, I spent much of my time getting to know Her as Sekhmet, but have only recently realized that my Mother is so much more Mut than I originally believed.

If I had infinite time, I would cross-reference all the instances in antiquity where Sekhmet is placed in Mut’s roles and Mut is placed in Sekhmet’s roles, and come to some kind of conclusion as to the exact function of the syncretic deity. But I don’t have that kind of infinite time, so I can only ask Her directly, and act based on Her requests of me.

In my experience, She is the goddess Who embodies the active, powerful justice of Sekhmet, enthroned in the palace of Mut. She is the regal queen Mut, bringing forth the (often painful) Ma’at that Sekhmet brings. She holds the power to wipe out the enemies of Ra, and from Her throne, sends forth Her fury or shows Her mercy. Because She is also Sekhmet the Mother, She heals with the kindness of a Mother’s embrace.

When to honor Sekhmet-Mut:

  • When seeking any kind of healing, especially from having been wronged.
  • When seeking justice, especially when you have been physically or emotionally hurt.
  • When you need to be compassionate while disciplining or passing judgment.
  • When you need to be strict and are finding it difficult.
  • When you need to do something difficult or painful yet appropriate.

How to approach Sekhmet-Mut:

Light a candle and some sweet, floral, or spicy incense (amber, sandalwood, frankincense, lotus or especially Morning Star’s iris incense are all good). Present a meaningful offering. Simple offerings are fine, but should not be hasty or thoughtless. Rather than offering cheap champagne, consider bringing Her flowers from your garden or something you have made. Offer heartfelt, humble prayers. Remember She is a queen, and be particularly respectful; She will not scorn you for an accidental mistake, but don’t be deliberately casual in your first prayers to Her. As you build a relationship with Her, you may get more comfortable — or not, depending on how you get along with Her. Divining for Her messages may be appropriate. To maintain a relationship with Her, honor Her regularly, and She will become a part of your life. She is often quieter than original flavor Sekhmet, less “hot”, and more “watery” in nature.

3 thoughts on “Ways to Honor Sekhmet-Who-Is-Mut

  1. Thank you for sharing this! I’ve been trying to figure out how to connect with Mut during the present festival, and this has offered me some ideas in terms of possibly seeking Her through a syncretic form. Plus, always nice to read such a detailed take on interacting with one’s Parent.

    1. I’m glad you liked it! It has been a struggle for me to understand how the syncretism makes my experiences of Sekhmet different from people with “original flavor” Sekhmet. The more I grow in understanding Mut, the more I grow in understanding my Mother – and the other way around. 🙂

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