It dawns on me that I haven’t spent formal time in my own shrine since October. The storm took so much from me and my family; the fallout extends far beyond just damages to the structure we inhabit. We fight every day to gain the right to repair and rebuild the house. We fight every day to prove we deserve our insurance money, that we aren’t committing fraud.

The storm has given me a few things, too, though I am still sorting out what they are. Endurance, I think, and sturdiness. It is not lost on me that, following Ptah’s year, the literal foundation of my home was ripped away and needs to be raised and repaired.

I see the hands of many gods in my life these days, but I can’t seem to bring myself to reach out and touch Them.

3 thoughts on “Aftermath.

  1. I hadn’t realized that you were so affected by the storm, since I haven’t been active on the forums until recently. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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