Death Gods and Living

The Mysteries of Wesir snuck up on me this year. I had wanted to celebrate them deeply this year. In fact, I’d wanted to take an entire month to contemplate the gods of the West. After the hurricane, having no home and no space (in my home or head) to contemplate the depth of mortality, that got set aside. I am still pretty bummed that I didn’t prepare even for the Mysteries, though.

This morning I spent some time listening to Important Songs on my way to work, and I let myself think about what the gods of death might have to say. I’d lamented my scattered celebration on my personal Twitter account last night, and gotten a response that the Mysteries, though dealing with death, are about life.

That’s not hugely revolutionary for me; my Father’s message has long been “Life is short, so indulge”. I’ve never spent enough time with other “death gods” to get Their perspective on that, though. This morning, I asked.

Life is short, so live with purpose.
Life is short, so live joyfully.
Life is short, so live compassionately.
Life is short, so live fully.

The answer, whatever the rationale: Life is short, so live.

My meditation today: how can I live to celebrate the sacredness of my own life?

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