(Belated) W’ab Wednesday: Purity of Intent.

W’ab Wednesday will be happening on Thursday this week, as life did not allow me the opportunity to post until today. I’d intended to write one up earlier in the week, but didn’t get a chance. That is where the inspiration for today’s W’ab Wednesday post comes from: what does intent count for in terms of purity?

My intent with this series was to post every Wednesday. Today’s post was late. Only by a day, but it was still late. BUT: I had intended to post it yesterday. It was only because I wasn’t able to get to a computer for most of Monday through Wednesday that there wasn’t a post. Does my intention to post count for anything? What if this situation were different? What if I was obligated or responsible for something, and even though I intended to do it, got sidetracked or wasn’t able?

Intent can’t make something appear. If our intent is good but we miss the mark and forget or can’t get something urgent and important done, it simply isn’t done. Gaps remain unfilled and work is unfinished. A project turned in incomplete, no matter what it was intended to be and no matter how hard we tried, is still incomplete. No matter what I wanted, this blog post still went out late.

Purity is like this too, I think. We can intend to be pure as much as we can intend to do anything else. But if we just can’t do it, for any reason, then we aren’t pure. Sometimes this feels like a judgement. When we can’t be fully ritually pure because we are not feeling 100% or we are overwhelmed with other responsibilities, we can feel like we are failing somehow. Purity is not something that makes us good or bad. When we are impure, it is not always because we are doing something wrong. Purity just is.

That is my meditation this week. I cannot will myself to remain in a state of purity when life is getting in the way. I hope you find it helpful too. 🙂

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