This is a great post about purification from Sarduriur at Shadows of the Sun. Lots of different elements of purification here, all of which are effective. Enjoy!

Shadows of the Sun

I recently engaged in another “PURIFY ALL OF THE THINGS” binge, and decided to document my process this time around. My process is by no means the only legitimate process, and in this exposition, I will provide a series of different methods, all of which, while presented from a Kemetic perspective, are easy to implement and adapt to suit one’s own practice and purposes.

For additional methods and insight on practical magic, feel free to peruse Devo’s series. Most of the methods I will explain in the following paragraphs are listed in her series, though she lists additional methods the reader might find more in tune with hir personal practice than those I provide in my presentation.


Just as we can accumulate dirt and unwanted “bad” bacteria on our skin from coming into contact with contaminated creatures, objects, and atmospheres, so too can our individual…

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