W’ab Wednesdays! Spiritual and Physical Purity.

I am starting a series which I am calling “w’ab wednesdays”. The word ‘w’ab’ means ‘pure’. In these posts I’ll be sharing my personal opinions on purification, ways to purify yourself and your space, and anything else potentially related to purity.
Today’s purity thoughts are on spiritual purification and physical cleanliness. I find that the more I purify spiritually, the more driven I am to keep myself and my living spaces clean and tidy. This means keeping the laundry basket from overflowing, keeping my trash bins at a reasonable level, vacuuming regularly… chores upon chores! I also find that when my space is clean and I am clean, my spiritual practices are more focused. The two feed into each other, creating a feedback loop of purity.

When my space and physical self are clean I am also healthier. I find I get sick less often. Therefore my spiritual health indirectly impacts my physical health. Purity has impacted all areas of my life for the better. 🙂

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