On Paper.

My practice has felt very centered lately. My work in shrine has been purposeful, and the gods have been unusually loud and audible. It feels incredible. I chalk most of this up to the paper journal I’ve been writing in, honestly. I adore blogging and sharing my experiences on social media, but there’s something uniquely intimate about writing privately on paper. I’ve always recorded the messages from the gods that I get in shrine, but writing in a small book has its own feel. The very act of writing is meditative and centering.

Most of what I write deals with how my practice is evolving, and how it is changing me. I need and want to keep a record of where I have been, so that I can keep focused on my goals and track when I’m getting too far off course. I only just started on getting back from Retreat, but I’ve already noticed results (see above).

Mostly, I am amused. I spent a lot of time saying I hated paper journals because of my handwriting, finger cramps… but if I break it up and write what’s really important, I don’t run into any of that AND I have a log of the crucial parts of my journey. Very cool stuff.

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