Who Illuminates Our Lands

When we gathered and you came;
when you entered in
to the room we circled
I swear your eyes set upon me,
and my heart spilled over
with tears of light for you,
for you.

You came enthroned
with your impeccable grace
and I reached out,
desperate for some spare thread
of your luminance.

Smiling as you always smile —
mysterious and mirthful
with slow currents of gravity
moving beneath the joy —
you lifted your hand and your gaze
and held me in it;
and there we stayed
as our voices carried on in your praise.

By your gaze and your embrace
you poured into me your radiance
and when our words were done
I rose, renewed,
flowing with your brilliance to share.

I carry you now —
you and your interminable glow —
enfolded in my core,
wrapped up within me
and carefully portioned
for my spirit
for giving
for love.

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