Back from Retreat

Well, I am back from Retreat 2012 and am slowly trying to find my way back into daily life. Retreat has its own rhythm to it. I lose track of what day of the week it is and live solely based on which God the day belongs to; I openly embrace others and become very physically demonstrative; I find myself speaking about the Gods without reservation. It’s hard to come out of that space and back down to Earth.

In some ways, I want to say that we shouldn’t need to come away from this total immersion in Kemetic faith. Living deeply in a Kemetic mindset is grounding. It feels right. Unfortunately, nobody will understand what I mean if I keep using Kemetic dates unless they’re Kemetic too. And therein lies the need for balance.

This year is to be a year of balance; of holding all things within ourselves in equilibrium. This is the first challenge, I think: to come back to reality and hold within myself the heka and power given by time spent with the Gods, and weave that through the dealings of my secular life. May Nut grant me Her patience as I work to learn this lesson.

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