Tea as an Offering

One of my absolute favorite offerings to make to the Gods is tea, especially loose-leaf tea. It’s very easy to portion out a cup of tea or a teaspoon of tea leaves, and I find the act of drinking tea to be particularly soothing and meditative. I have quite a few different kinds of tea, mostly caffeine-free herbal tisanes or teas that are naturally low in caffeine (such as white tea, for example). I generally prefer to offer tea leaves before making the tea, because then the tea doesn’t get cold. They do make candle-powered tea warmers, but my current shrine space isn’t quite large enough to accommodate a whole teapot yet.

I find that a teaspoon of tea in a small glass bowl works great as an offering alongside a libation as a simple offering, and can be a good way to enhance a more complex offering without adding too much clutter of space. When your shrine area is on the smaller side (as mine currently is), making the best use of your space can be crucial.

Tea is not a very traditional Kemetic offering, but I’ve found it to be well received. The biggest problem I’ve had offering it is that I need to use the tea leaves promptly, or else the Gods start to get irritated. They are not keen on me letting the offering sit until the next morning, which I have done an embarrassing amount of times.

With Wepwawet, heavily spiced teas tend to be favored, while Sekhmet-Mut prefers teas that are red in color or contain citrus or hibiscus. Both seemed to like chai and silver needle white tea. The biggest downside to offering tea is that in the warmer months, it’s not nearly as appealing to drink as in the winter. But many teas also taste great cold, so making the tea into iced tea is also an excellent option.

It’s taken me quite some time to find offerings which suit my tastes, my Gods’ needs, and the amount of space I have for both storing and making offerings. While tea is my favorite, I hope to share some others I’ve enjoyed along the way as well. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Tea as an Offering

  1. I spent several *years* looking for a teacup with a crane decoration motif on it for my Djehwty shrine, actually. Something about the formal tea service rituals with their elegant precision struck me as an important thing about him.

      1. Just recently, actually! A discontinued teapot and cup set in a Teavana, of all places, I got the last one. Yellow cups with cranes on them, and a teapot with cherry blossoms and women on it. I have it turned so the women aren’t visible outside the shrine to keep the imagery consistent with what I wanted.

        At some point I need to start doing shrine photos and putting them up on my blog, I made a category for it and everything. 😛

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