Wings of Wisdom

Over our Wingfest celebration, I decided I wanted to get to know Djehuty better. I haven’t been having much luck, sadly! He feels impossibly alien to me. I can reach the hem of His domain, and then it all falls through my fingertips. He feels like unending streams of polysyllabic speech flooding past me.

Part of the problem, I think, is that when I think of Djehuty, I think of wisdom and wit — which I already associate strongly with my Father, Wepwawet. To me, Wepwawet embodies a hunger for knowledge gained through experience; he deals in the kind of wisdom that doesn’t necessarily come from books, but from working with a mentor or under an apprenticeship. So when I go to reflect on Djehuty, I find myself being re-directed to my Father. This probably has a lot to do with the fact that, while I have a strong hunger for knowledge and wisdom, I am not an academic. I am in graduate school, I do study, I do read to further my understanding of my professional field and my spiritual life – but still, the label does not fit.

I know Djehuty has many more aspects besides wisdom. He gambled with Khonsu and earned Nut the five epagomenal days to have Her children. He records the names of the blessed dead at their justification. He is a consort to Ma’at and to Seshat.

Any thoughts, readers? I’d love to hear your input on how to build a relationship with Djehuty. 🙂


One thought on “Wings of Wisdom

  1. To build a relationship with him you can try, taking a walk under the moon light staring at the stars, host a public speaking event, roll some dice and read his emerald tablets.

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