Wednesday Thoughts

When I had my RPD, someone made the remark that I was lucky because I had all my life to get to know my gods and to live with them. I was divined at age 18; at the time I felt adult and worldly, but in retrospect I am now amazed at how much I have grown since then. I have been able to shape myself from am adolescent to an adult with my gods as a part of my life, where so many other learn to live with the Divine after they ha well already grown.

My response at the time was to think that even I didn’t feel like I had enough time. And truly – even my whole adult life does not feel like enough. I still wish I had known Them sooner. They are so vast that I could never hold on to Them in Their entirety – but maybe I could if I just had a little more time (a fallacy, I know).

Just some pondery thoughts on a rainy Wednesday.

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