New “Woo” Shop!

I decide to take an adventure to the newest “woo” shop that opened nearby. They opened a few months ago, but time and life kept me from stopping by sooner. The place dubs itself a botanica rather than a new-age shop, and I definitely got that sense on walking in. Rather than being stocked with singing bowls and walls of books about Mayans and astrology, the walls were stacked with different 7-day candles, herbs, oils and the like. The vibe was friendly and very low-key; a group of women sat around a table near the register eating lunch and chatting. I was a little disappointed that they didn’t carry the kind of incense I use in shrine, but I decided I’d buy some candles. I partly wanted to buy candles, and I partly wanted to further vet the store by having a chance to talk with an employee.

I paid for my candles, and the woman who rang me up (the owner of the store) pulled a vial out of her cabinet and handed it to me. She told me it was bergamot oil, and that it was good to wear if you’re stressed or not sleeping well. She touched on a few other personal details, recommended their psychic self-defense class to me, and sent me out with a card.

I usually get squicked out when people make certain assumptions about me – especially when they’re shop owners who might be interested in a profit. Her remarks were fairly accurate – probably because I *looked* exhausted yesterday morning, and am remarkably shy in person. Regardless, I think I will be trying to stop by again to get a second opinion of the place. I did like that it seemed more friendly and down-to-earth than the other new age shops in my area. We shall see.

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