D is for Depth.

My approach to this whole Pagan Blog Project business is basically this: I’m pagan and I’m blogging about it, therefore my posts can be about whatever aspects of my pagan life I want them to be.

Many of my fellow Kemetics are writing really thoughtful posts about different theories or philosophical subjects; me, I’d prefer to tell you about what’s going on in my shrine.


Right now I’m on a puriy hiatus, shall we say; not much is happening in shrine. This past weekend, however, I went out to Tawy House for a small celebration of Wepwawet, and even though it was very simple, it stirred up in me a sturdiness I had not felt since last November’s crisis of faith.

I felt the warmth of the love of my gods bubbling from the deepest parts of me, like a spring reopened. That peaceful reserve of strength I now carry with me. I sort of want to bring it to everyone I meet; to do everything I do as though with it came the distribution of God’s love to each and every person.

I think I still hold many of my old Christian leanings in that way. Christians are encouraged to share Christmas by being Christ-like; I want to share my gods quietly, by being full of Their blessings and by treating others with respect, with ma’at.

All of this is pooled deep inside me quietly, a well of grace to carry me.

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