My Imbolc Experience

As previously mentioned, I recently attended an Imbolc ritual for Brigid at an ADF Grove in my area. A friend of mine asked if I would come and participate, and it was hard to say no, because I love Brigid, and I love reconnecting with old friends.

I am extremely glad I went. The experience was deeply satisfying. I won’t go into explicit detail because I don’t think it would translate well into words, so have some bullet points instead!

  • I have gotten really sloppy with grounding/centering. Most Kemetic rituals don’t have the same energy-raising effects as this did, which left me totally unprepared with how to deal with the overwhelming amounts of energy zapping around the room.
  • I’ve now experienced what seemed to be the pretty complete presence of a deity outside of a Kemetic ritual. If that wasn’t Brigid in the room, I don’t know what it was. There are certain metaphysical things I sense around a Saq possession, and this felt a whole lot like that.
  • It feels good to be around pagans. There’s quite a few things I’ve experienced that feel totally unreasonable to talk about outside of a pagan gathering – the intricacies of navigating divine relationships; the complications of divine demands; the bizarreness of certain ecstatic experiences… it goes on.
  • It also will always feel good to return somewhere you haven’t been in a very long time.

There was a long while when my gods seemed to be in a really possessive phase – everything had to be All Kemet All The Time. It seems They’re getting a little less up tight lately, which may mean more celebrations of the local Wheel of the Year. We shall see! Many thanks go out to all involved in putting together such a magnificent ritual.

2 thoughts on “My Imbolc Experience

  1. I’ve noticed the same thing about grounding and centering. I used to do energy manipulation when I was bored in class. I would ground and center multiple times a day, in different methods. My life was about magic, and about energy. Now… It’s about the Gods. Which is awesome and all. Yet, there is something of who I am as a person that I’ve been neglecting by neglicting my witchy practice.

    1. I definitely agree. It’s just a different focus; some kinds of paganism are very magic-centric, while Kemetic Orthodoxy tends to be more deity-centric. Life is about building a relationship with the gods, rather than working spells and manipulating one’s universe. Which is okay!

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