B is for Beautiful…

…as in, “the Gods are beautiful”.

This is a thought that strikes me frequently. Maybe I’m just biased, because They’re my Gods and I love Them – but no matter whether I’m kneeling in the State shrine gazing up at a consecrated Icon, or sitting with my personal shrine lighting candles next to the statues of my Parents, or in a museum, just taking in the intricacies of the ancient carvings of Their images – They are beautiful. Utterly, painfully, breathtakingly so.

It isn’t quite that They are physically beautiful; They are, but there’s more to it than that. I think it’s just the way They work, the way They are a part of my life and the lives of countless others; the spark of the Divine that They carry – I don’t know. But it wells up inside of me and overflows when I am in Their presence; when I am hurting, it cleans and soothes my wounds, and when I am joyful, it magnifies my gladness.

Just further proof that everything I do for Them comes down to loving Them fiercely.

3 thoughts on “B is for Beautiful…

  1. I think it is fitting 🙂 I believe that it was a common thing to say in AE… to be beautiful of face. I actually say that to my gods all the time (or claim that they are beautiful in my rituals).

      1. Yes! Sometimes the whole thing is just so stunning.

        I’m glad to see you in this too! It will be interesting if we all do Q is for Qebehsenuef! I’d say it’s making us all write topics that we probably would not have otherwise.

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