Seeking Autumn, Seeking Wesir.

Autumn has begun here. This is the season when I feel the closest to Wesir, my Akhu, and the gods of the West. By the Kemetic Orthodox calendar, the mysteries of Wesir’s death and ascent as King of the Duat will be celebrated soon.

While I know Wesir is truly a god of green things, the rejuvenation of the earth from dirt, I connect strongly with Him as Lord of the Duat. He is the god who dies to care for the dead; the only god Who passes through the tranformative trial that every mortal passes through.

Autumn is His time with me. While I watch the leaves turn crisp, and see His green things wither for winter, I am reminded of His own gift to the people. I am reminded of my own Akhu, and their transformation through the Duat to become shining ones above.

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