Dear Gods,

Lately there have been things happening that are totally out of my control. I’ve been feeling worn out and beaten down. Even though I’m just about at the end of my rope, I’m still looking for You. I can still sense You. When I call out to You, I can feel You with me. I feel powerless, until I feel Your hand in mine. But You are powerless, too.

There are things in this world that You cannot touch; things you cannot keep from me. There is pain and suffering that is beyond even the will of the gods. You can’t keep me safe from the deep ache of living. You can’t keep me safe from everything. Even so, sitting here in the dark with Your hands in mine, I am comforted. You may be powerless in this but still, You are here, and we will be powerless together; in the stillness of the shrine, in the peaceful calm of Your love.

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