Episodes 29: My spiritual advantages.

Last episode was about what blocks me from being completely effective in my spiritual life. As with anything, everyone has their strengths and their weaknesses. In my life, I think my greatest advantage is my persistence.

It is persistence that keeps me in shrine whenever I am able. It is persistence that gets me back into shrine, when I have not been able to get there.

It is persistence that keeps me worshiping and serving the gods, when I find myself too unsettled by the idea that religion is just a security blanket that we hold.

Without persistence, I would have given up on the gods long ago. I would have given in to my fears that I am making everything up, without giving the gods a chance to surprise me – as They do, again and again. When They go silent, or I feel cut off, my persistence is what keeps me from feeling completely abandoned. I have lived through “dead months”, when everything Unseen around me seems to shut down. But that persistence is what keeps me moving, keeps me believing that there is a light on the other side.

This is probably also the best advice I could ever give anyone setting out on a path that requires personal interaction with the gods: don’t stop moving. Just keep going, until the clouds lift.

That’s also why this song is on my playlist of songs with religious significance. 😉

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