We’re home and we’re safe.

Water flooding down our street.

Later yesterday afternoon we were able to go take a look at our neighborhood. Pretty scary looking. Our streets looked like rivers, with water flooded up over the sidewalks, lapping against our front lawn. Thankfully, that’s as far as the water came. It crested right against our door, but did not come into the house. Thank the gods!

We moved all of our stuff back in this morning. The sun was shining, the breeze was cool and it was a beautiful day. By the time we finished picking branches out of our yard and cleaning up the debris, you would never have known there was a hurricane. Amazing.

As I walked past my stripped down shrine in the process of reassembling the house, I felt something of a proud giggle coming from it. I had prayed with fervor that the house would be safe, and no damage done. The gods said, “We will protect Our shrine.” They gave me instructions on some heka to do to keep the house safe – something to be done in meditation after shrine. It worked exactly the way I was told it would. The heka and the work of the gods was effective, and our house and the shrine are safe. Nekhtet! 🙂

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