One Small Green Bag.

Impromptu Senut Shrine during Hurricane Irene When I came home from a short tour of the school where I am doing my graduate studies, I found my family stowing all of our belongings on the 2nd floor. We live in an area that floods whenever it rains, and we had been ordered to evacuate by the next evening. Hurricane Irene was coming up the coast.

Now here we are, camped out in a comfortable hotel room farther inland. The bulk of the storm has passed us by. To my right is a small green shoulder-bag, which contains my State shrine Icons, the tools for the State Rite, and the important parts of my Senut shrine.

In one, small green bag.

When I was packing, it amazed me that everything I needed to honor and serve my gods would fit into one small bag. It’s the smallest bag that we packed. The rest of our lives are wrapped up in suitcases and bags upon bags – but everything I need to hold in my hands to do work for the gods, well – that fits in one small green bag.

Yesterday I performed a mobile Senut, taking out the tools I had to say some quiet prayers in the hotel room. It was Senut Lite, with only a bottle of essential oil and an electric tea light, water for offerings and my icons. Still, I felt absolutely compelled to spend a moment in prayer. Even without the shrine, without the incense or the row of candles or the carefully picked offering bowls, I sat in the presence of Netjer, and was comforted. In the face of the raging storm, against a backdrop of ever-growing winds, I prayed.

It’s hard to articulate how I feel right now. We don’t know much about our home yet, which is located right near the water. There may be more silence from this blog than updates, while we reassemble ourselves after this (hopefully minor) disruption.

6 thoughts on “One Small Green Bag.

  1. This is a really good example of how the clutter in our lives compares to what little external, material “stuff” is required of us by the Divine. I hope your house is fine, Sobeq, and I’m glad you were able to find some quiet solace amidst the chaos this weekend.

    1. Thank you! ❤ I've been on a de-cluttering kick lately – simplifying and paring down my life to only what I feel I really truly need (and want in some cases). I'll update again when I know how my home is doing.

    1. No indeed. We have a hard time when it rains normally due to awful drainage in my town, and with the storm surge, we weren’t taking any chances. I hope you fared well if you were in Irene’s path as well!

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