Why Dice & Diamonds?

It occurs to me that I don’t actually have an explanation for the name of this website listed anywhere on it! So, in case you’ve been wondering: here’s an explanation.

The name “Dice and Diamonds” comes from my initial perceptions of my Parents following my Rite of Parent Divination. I have always seen Wepwawet as a god of chance and luck in some ways. When I would bring an image of His to a game night with my friends, I would ask for His help. Inevitably, the game would become more interesting – and not always in my favor! My initial impressions of Sekhmet-Mut were of royalty and finery. She gave off an air of nobility and expensive taste. (An air that has yet to disperse, I should add!)

The name kind of sprang forth organically from those concepts. It’s delightfully alliterative and assonant, which made it pleasant to say, and it’s accurate. Originally there was a subtitle which had changed a few times, but I gave up on it after a while and now the name stands as it is – short, sweet, and to the point.

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