Unexpected Attitudes

I went into my shrine last night, expecting the same old routine – I greet my Gods, They greet me, we get on with some ritual, have a nice chat, and then I pack up and go home. Usually They are quietly pleased to see me, and the shrine is a peaceful space of contemplation.

That wasn’t exactly so last night. Last night, I greeted Wepwawet – and He leapt for joy. The room was full of laughter and rambunctious energy so that I couldn’t keep myself from grinning and chuckling while I began the shrine rituals. I have some strong suspicions as to why He was so happy, which I can’t yet reveal – but it was quite a stir in the shrine. He quieted as the rituals began, but His icon retained a phantom smirk the entire time, and the candles burned brighter and taller than ever before.

Most nights I go to shrine expecting quiet contemplation; some nights I get a Divine dance party.

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