I really love religion.

I don’t usually announce this, but it is necessary to understand what I’m about to say. I work in a number of Catholic schools – it’s a little weird being pagan and spending my day with people who regularly talk about Jesus and would be disappointed to find out I’m not Catholic too – but it’s not bad. Today the students read a little meditation before the morning prayers. Firstly, I love it when schools do that! Many schools just read off a Hail Mary, and Our Father, and the Pledge of Allegiance, and then move right into the regular announcements for the day. At some schools, though, they talk a little bit about an important saint for the day, or a topic of reflection appropriate for the liturgical season – there’s more depth. It encourages the kids to really think about their religion (whether they will listen or just keep doodling on their books is another story). Today’s meditation was on the Holy Trinity. For some reason, it really caught my attention today – I guess because it was a really mystical meditation. The reading talked about how miraculous and wonderful it is that God can be three persons in one God.

It struck me with a warm feeling. Even though I’m a complete outsider to the Catholic experience, at this point; even though I would be seriously criticized by 90% of the Catholics I know. My confession: I really love religion. I love when people have real devotion. More than anything, I love watching and hearing people express that devotion. I do have a few exceptions – people spreading hateful, dehumanizing messages in the “love” of God, for example. I don’t care what faith you are, or how you pray, or what God you’re talking to. It’s not something I saw very often as a child, even having gone to Catholic school for 8 years. It’s not something I see very often now, either. Rock on, you devout Catholics. And devout devotees of any other God/religion. 🙂

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