Hurting and Healing

It is my experience that any god can heal. We have gods who are affiliated with healing – Sekhmet, Sobek, Khonsu – but I am certain that all of the gods are capable of healing in Their own ways. The question is whether or not we are willing to endure the kinds of healing They offer.

I have asked Set for healing. If you like having your hand cut off to save the rest of your body, or having bandaids ripped off with all your little hairs – Set is great for healing. It was effective, it was quick, it was painful as hell – but in the end, I was more whole. I should say that I was pretty naive at this point – I didn’t have any fear of the gods – so my approach was just a bit poorly thought out – to say the least.

Why do we need healing? What do we need healing from? All the gods want us to be whole. It only makes sense that They would all be capable of guiding us more nearly to that place. I think we sometimes get too caught up in the human need to file our gods into categories, to make sense of why there would be multiple gods rather than one god for everything, and we deny the gods Their individuality, Their personalities, Their ability to self-select what They will and will not do.

Really, I’m just feeling sick and I pray to all the gods because I want at least one of Them to get me better, fast – but it’s good for reflection.

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