Awake, O Geb!

I wish I could somehow distill the way the world feels today. If I could do that, then I could bottle it and save it for the coldest winter days – and also, I could put a little clip of it in the corner of this post today.

If the day I wrote Jackal Scraps felt like a too-early taste of what Spring had to offer, today is proof that Spring does exist, and it will get here, eventually. It has almost hit 60 degrees Fahrenheit today, and for the majority of the week we are supposed to get weather in the 50s. This is the first time that I’ve ever actually noticed the turn of the seasons so intensely.

I’m convinced it has to do with how much winter drained me this year. I usually have some amount of trouble staying connected spiritually in the winter; I get some degree of the ‘winter blues’, and that drags me away from the gods and spirits I usually connect with, but I hold on and in the warming weather I wake up a little more and return to my usual fervor. This year, it dragged me away from any sense of the Divine at all. It took me to this really nasty place where God was dead and death was The End and everything was totally devoid of depth and meaning. Now, as it gets warmer, I am amazed to find that the dead are still talking, that the spirits of the land are still milling about, and that the gods are still very much alive and very much eager to have my full attention again. So, nekhtet! For overcoming the cold depth of winter, for surviving the absence of the joyful Eye of Ra.

Awake, O Geb! Stir your sleeping limbs to waking!
Awake, O Wesir! Make the plants to sprout and flourish!
Awake, O Min! Spark the fires of youth and vigor!
Awake, O Netjer! Bless us as we return to life!

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